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About us

ERGOBOX specialises in production and selling of furniture accessories that help organise drawer internal space.

We make only organisers for furniture. Our products come in handy everywhere, where there are many things to be neatly ordered: in the kitchen, in the wardrobe or in the walk-in closet, in the nursery and in the bathroom, in the antechamber or even in the office.
ERGOBOX accessories bring order to the furniture insides and massively increase the available storage space!

All ERGOBOX products are developed with due regard to specifics of furniture design, various drawer extension systems, and materials.

Our accessories will fit into any drawer!

Committed to eco-friendliness of our products, we use only genuine and responsibly-sourced materials. All ERGOBOX products are made from solid wood and treated with a mixture of plant oils and bee wax.

ERGOBOX catalogue lists over 150 accessories, all different in size and function. For kitchens, we offer silverware trays, containers for spoons, forks, and knives, organisers for dishes, pots, frying pans, lids, bottles, special accessories for dry foods storage, bread boxes, and regular wooden boxes of different size.

The most popular items are produced for stock, the rest are made to order.

In addition, we can make customised organisers that suit the needs of a specific client.

Silverware tray Organisers for dishes and household items Spacers and drawer organisers

Have a great time with ERGOBOX accessories! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us to organise the internal space of your furniture.

ERGOBOX is a genuinely Ukrainian product!